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An Interfaith Worship Celebration
The 3rd Sunday of each month
The Interfaith Circle
will celebrate a different faith tradition.
12 noon to 1:00 pm at
THE HOME OF TRUTH, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda, CA 94501

2018 Service Schedule The Interfaith Circle Presenting Ministers
JANUARY 21 - Multifaith Grace Rev. Bamboo Illiana
FEBRUARY 18 - Emerging Faiths Rev. de’Kyota
MARCH 18 - Sikh Rev Scott Phillips
APRIL 15 - Judaism Rev. M.Meridian
MAY 20 - Shamanism Rev. Kathy Collette
JUNE 17 - National American/Buddhist Connection Rev.Bhavani Girard
JULY 15 - Hinduism Rev. G. Jones /Rev. J.Jones
AUGUST 19 - Christianity Rev. Margaret McManus
SEPTEMBER 16 - Taoism Rev. Scott Phillips
OCTOBER 21 - Buddhism Rev. Tom Prussing
NOVEMBER 18 - Sufism Rev. Betsey Johnson
DECEMBER 16 - LIGHT TIC Minister Medley

“The Interfaith Circle is dedicated to the Celebration
of the Universal Truth that underlies All Faith traditions and promotes
the ideal that Love and Understanding Transcend all dogma.”

Come Celebrate with us, Our Divinely Inherited Enthusiasm,
Participation, Interaction & Joyous Spiritual Renewal!!!

Rev. Nancy Joy 510-769-0607, Rev. Lilli 415-567-3117, Rev. Kathy 510-295-3787,
Rev. Atindra 510-481-5599, Rev. Ace Lipton 415-731-2184, Rev. Judy 760-216-3129,
Revs. Scott & Meridian 510-526-8571, Rev. Tom 650-327-8247

The Interfaith Circle at The Home of Truth ~ 1300 Grand Street, Alameda, CA 94501 ~ Phone: 510-481-5599 ~