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Rev. Ace LiptonRev. Ace Lipton

I have been a Minister of the Interfaith Circle since 1997, when I graduated from the Golden Gate Interfaith Seminary. My ministry is devoted to promoting religious understanding, and not just tolerance, but inter- faith hospitality, understanding and respect.

The similarities between Faith Traditions on the most important spiritual questions tremendously exceed the differences between religions. All of us believe in the Golden Rule, all of us believe Love is better than Hate; that Kindness is better than Cruelty, and that Hope is better than Despair. Beside such universal acceptance of these principles, questions of appropriate rituals are minor.


I can help design and perform ceremonies. My style tends to be informal, and relatively brief. I have performed hundreds of ceremonies with the goal of relaxing the participants, and guests, while maintaining a sense of dignity appropriate to the occasion. A typical ceremony will accommodate the wishes, style and religious heritage of the participants.


I am also available to mediate disputes. I have been an Attorney for over 30 years, and I have litigated too many cases between family members and friends in court rooms. Rarely have I ever seen any one leave a court room after a dispute with a family member or friend feeling satisfied. Never have I seen both sides of such a dispute leave a court feeling happy and/or satisfied. I know there is a better way.

I believe in settling such disputes through negotiation and understanding. I find that people, who once cared deeply about each other, still have a residual of good will, and with guidance and discussion can and should result in an agreement, leaving both sides feeling they better understand each other, and happy that they resolved their dispute with respect and by their own agreement. My ministerial training and long background in the law have given me the knowledge and skill to successfully heal the painful spiritual wounds that arise from relationships gone askew over monetary concerns.

As a spiritual/legal Mediator, I work on a sliding fee scale ranging between $100.00 and $300.00 per hour.

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