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And now we begin the discussion of Interfaith. The following are some ideas about Interfaith. What is Interfaith to you?

The concept of Interfaith presents a vision based on a knowing that beneath all our apparent differences, people are much the same the world over. All people want to be happy, safe, and live fulfilling lives. The rich diversity of cultures of every time and place has provided us with traditions and belief systems which have supported and inspired humankind to express in many ways, the universal truth of Love.

When we can understand others’ perspectives and beliefs, we will more easily acknowledge and recognize their motivations and actions. With increased mutual understanding our common humanity is revealed.

An Interfaith vision places emphasis on the universal principles taught in all traditions, such as belief in a greater reality, a respect for the gift of life, and that one should treat others the way one would like to be treated. In focusing on the principles we hold in common, it becomes possible to appreciate cultures and belief systems not our own.

Life has given us many ways in which to experience Divine Presence. The Interfaith Circle joyfully celebrates the diversity, beauty and depth of all faith traditions.

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