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Rev. Nancy Joy


Working with individuals as well as couples and families, Reverend Nancy Joy Gordon endeavors to achieve a sense of integration and sparkle in the lives of those she counsels. Whether for weddings, memorials or for other special services, Rev. Joy works with her clients to create a meaningful and personalized event. During Reiki treatments or spiritual counseling sessions, she furthers her clients’ ability to be aware of feelings and inner messages as they clear out old patterns and thoughts. By gently visiting areas of concern and invoking the Light of Compassion, she facilitates one’s greater clarity and understanding which lead to accessing a deeper level of truth as well as the releasing of what no longer serves one in having a healthy, loving, purposeful and abundant life!

Raised in a multicultural environment, Rev. Joy began to appreciate different cultures and ideas at an early age. Her exposure to metaphysical studies began when she was quite young, also, especially by being exposed to the writings of Mary Baker Eddy of the New Thought movement. While in her teens, she became fascinated with philosophy and psychology, along with participating in philanthropic groups. Questions about life and death were an important part of her curiosity and served to heighten her awareness about how God’s plan for her life’s work was unfolding. When a Sunday school teacher, who also happened to be a physicist, explained to her that matter was not solid and how our consciousness does create our reality, she understood how it was only natural for healing to occur and how so-called miracles are possible in the everyday world. With faith, trust and a loving heart, Rev. Joy began putting this practice to work!

In the early 1990’s, Rev. Joy was in the process of exploring how to use the breath to move feelings through the body for a deeper awareness of the Self, when suddenly she had an intuitive knowing that she would soon learn how to do energy work. That very day a friend called and invited her to a class on Reiki. From that moment on she was struck by the simplicity yet power of this method of aligning the mind and body with Spirit. She became a Reiki Master in 1993. One of the greatest privileges in her Reiki practice has been working with people to transform their experiences with health problems, relationships and various troubling feelings, such as grieving and loss. A well-known Jungian therapist, Dr. Jack Miller, referred his Phoenix Project clients to her in 2003 and since then he has traveled to many countries to present his workshops. He is returning to stay in her home in 2010-11 to do yet another of his powerful workshops for those wanting transformation in their lives, particularly around their sense of deep loss.

Ever the seeker, Rev. Joy became an Ordained Interfaith Circle Minister in 1998 after a 2-year seminary in Berkeley, California, a program based on the one started in New York by a Rabbi, a Swami and a Catholic Brother! Since that time she has officiated at many ceremonies, blessings and services, plus over 30 weddings, using her interfaith background and materials. By carefully listening to her clients, she customizes these ceremonies through thoughtfully-prepared wording, quotations, poetry and music. She has also played piano for many weddings and memorials since the 1980’s, and feels very privileged to have taken on a different role, now as the minister!

As a conduit of spiritual energy in both her Reiki practice and as an interfaith minister, Rev. Nancy Joy knows that it is not she but the Divine spark of Love and the Holy Presence within which does the work. Her realization and appreciation of our connectedness as a global society further add to her intuitive sense of ways to empower the choices of others.

Rev. Joy is available for special counseling and prayer sessions, Reiki treatments, weddings, commitment ceremonies, memorials, business and house blessings. For consultations and appointments, you are invited to call (510) 769-0607.

The Five Ethical Principles of Reiki
Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to everything


“Rev. Joy was fun to work with as well as sensitive, creative and spiritual in her approach to creating the perfect wedding celebration.” - S.H.

“Rev. Joy creates a unique and safe environment in which I was able to be still enough to listen to my own wisdom. She is a powerful healer and supportive force.” - F.K.

“Every session with Rev. Joy has been different but always a life-affirming journey into the mystery of my being.” - K.B.

“Thank you, Rev. Joy” Your gentle loving approach helped me to get in touch with repressed loss and grief which has enabled me to expedite healing of my broken soul.” - S.L.

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