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Rev. Tom Prussing

Kelly Rivera Hart

Rev. Tom Prussing is a minister of The Interfaith Circle in the south bay area. He resides in Menlo Park, California.

He graduated from the Golden Gate Interfaith seminary, completing the two-year spiritual program in 1996 with an MDiv in counseling and was ordained by The Interfaith Circle.

Tom has travel to over 65 countries along his soul journey. He has acquainted himself with the varied spiritual beliefs of diverse peoples, ventured to out-of the-way sacred places and explored the interior sanctuaries of many of the holy sites throughout the world.

He has observed miracles at Lourdes, witnessed a spirit bridge built at the direction of Yacouba tribal priest in Cote D’Ivoire, meditated with a Bolivian shaman, assisted a Quechua healer during a healing session in Peru, engaged Koranic students at a Rabat Madrasa in Morocco regarding the differences and similarities between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, experienced the spiritual world of the Shaolin priests in China and shared in a Hindu prayer service in Agra, India among some of his memorable interfaith encounters.

Rev. Tom has conducted interfaith healing services at Birkenou, Poland, at the Killing Fields in Cambodia and in the Slave House on Goree Island, Senegal.

His spiritual experiences have influenced his dedication to interfaith education. He teaches meditation, and conducts services, retreats and classes, which highlight interfaith history and themes. He has used his interfaith and cultural understanding as a state-certified community mediator as well.

As a result of his encounters with the world’s spiritual beliefs, he performs interfaith ceremonies (baptisms, weddings, funerals/memorials) for individuals who have differing faith beliefs, blending culture, tradition and language into the ceremonies

Tom focuses his chaplaincy and counseling work toward cancer patients at Stanford Hospital, veterans at the Menlo Park VA, the homeless through the InVision Shelter Network and individuals who find themselves in the middle of spiritual change and upheaval.

Rev. Tom believes that all faith traditions held within the God of One’s Heart leads to spiritual awakening and the true realization of one’s soul journey.

Tom also employed his BSC in Economics from Santa Clara University and a diploma in Facilities Engineering Management from North Carolina State University on the Stanford Campus, from which he recently retired after 41 years of service to the University.

Rev. Tom Prussing can be reached at or 650 327 8247.

The Interfaith Circle at The Home of Truth ~ 1300 Grand Street, Alameda, CA 94501 ~ Phone: 510-481-5599 ~