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Rev. Scott Reed Phillips

Rev. ScottScott Phillips, a spiritual being in a physical body... But aren't we all; and that's the point I am trying to make.

As an Interfaith minister, non-force chiropractor, and friend, I want to touch, move, and inspire others to feel the spark of light within, in such a way, that we may walk together in this process of waking up to our connectedness, and the unity of all life.

In this process we come to acknowledge the Love in our hearts as the most authentic part of our Being.

I have been blessed with having loving parents who taught me that people are people wherever you are, where ever you go....And our relationships with each other can be cherished in a most rich and fulfilling way.

My rich, fulfilling, and growing relationships include:
* My most amazing Wife/Lover/Friend
* Parents
* Siblings
* Friends
* Patients
* Colleagues
* Two special Indian Masters
* AND my, recently found, most awesome Daughter and Grandson (& Son-In-Law too!)

So many wonderful stories to tell !!

After writing the following conclusion to this intro, I realized I am speaking to you (the reader)
AND to myself:

When you get an inspired opportunity, please introduce yourself to the world.
We are here to experience the full expression of you.
Thanks, in advance, for opening up and sharing your greatness and your special Self as an expression of this great Life we share together...


Blessings of Joy, Scott

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